Hey there! Welcome to the about section of Lathwood Media. This is the part of the website where we talk all about who we are, what we are up to and our creative mission. We will try to keep it short and sweet since attention spans these days seem to be shorter then the… oh, wait have we lost you already? All right, enough filler. Here is a little bit of information about us. Lathwood Media is a collaboration between two creative people who are also best friends and lovers. We were born on different sides of the planet but we see the world the same way. We happen to be in love with adventure, experience and capturing the beauty of life through photography and art. Besides our love for creating art we are also two salty surfers, sharing the same love and addiction for the ocean. Our relaxed energy is apparent when we are on a shoot, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. But, don’t confuse us with the cliché image of the stoner lazy surfer type, we are hard working and dedicated to creating magic through our art projects whether photoshoots, web design or other media projects.

Chris Frara grew up on a farm in the rural and wild land of South Africa. Being from a beautiful, unique and sometimes dangerous country led Chris to become a strong and adventurous soul. He moved to California to play professional rugby in 2002 and after smashing enough bones, and scoring enough points, he found himself world of fashion. He got his first start in the fashion industry building eCommerce stores for multiple different fashion brands. While working within a small company he was able to wear multiple hats, one of the hats he enjoyed wearing was working in the photography and digital media department. The discovery of his passion for photography eventually consumed him and he fell in love with the process of creating art through imagery. He has a unique eye for composition and a talent for creating original images. His skills go way beyond photography though, Chris is a media, marketing and art direction specialist. He is the backbone of the web development department of Lathwood Media.

Trisha Lurie grew up gracing the beautiful beaches of California coastline, a native to the land of the dreamers. After high school she moved to Oahu for surfing and eventually fell into the modeling world where she excelled on many different levels, gracing the covers of many magazines worldwide. This was just the tip of the iceberg, her creative mind kept growing blooming, she had a huge passion for art and music. She was homeschooled as a child and her scholastic priorities were more like a never ending art class. She found herself driven to explore all types of art through music, acting, modeling, painting and photography. Growing up in a family of  artists and musicians, she had a guitar in her hand 24 seven and quickly became a singer, songwriter, guitarist. After the birth of her son, she worked with many bands until eventually releasing her first solo rock album in 2012 called Romancing Neptune. Although music holds a huge chunk of her soul, painting and photography is the way she makes a living these days. She creates visually stunning art pieces that line the walls of many art collectors globally. Aside from the traditional forms of art, she has also become a well known custom guitar and music equipment painter. Being the creative creature that she is it was only natural for Trisha to fall in love with photography and be able to create a completely different kind of art in a digital world. This passion for photography has grown over the years and as fate would have, it only made sense for Chris and Trisha to form a media company and live their dream by creating art through photography

So, that may not have been short, but we think it’s pretty sweet. We would love the opportunity to create art with you or your for your company. Life is too short to be ordinary so, live your life with beautiful and extraordinary art. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your projects and we thank you for taking the time to learn about us here at Lathwood Media.